Kayli turns 5!


A big five and a thumbs up for this sweet girl! I just returned from a three week long vacation visiting my family in Kentucky. Kayli is my 2nd cousin whom has consumed a part of my heart for the last 5 years! I was there for her birth (wow, time flies!) and I got to share her birthday with her this year. Isn’t she the most adorable, sweetest thing? Scroll down to have your heart stolen.


Have a look back at how much she’s grown here!

Spring Mini Sessions

Kayla is offering mini sessions in Boulder and Castle Rock Colorado for March and April. Dates to be announced. Inquire about an opening by emailing : info@kayladavisphotography.com


First Year : Alivia : 3 Months

I’m blessed to be a part of this little lady’s life and lucky that I get to photograph her often. How could anyone resist this little face?


“If you want to learn what someone fears losing…”

A while back I was scrolling aimlessly through Pintrest and froze on a quote posted by a friend. In big block letters it read, “If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.” I thought of the people I know and the friends I have and what each of them values.  They come across in their photographs, words, text messages, phone calls. In everything. Then I turned my thoughts to myself: What do I photograph? What do I write? Who do I spend my time with? What do I provide my clients? These things have been weighing on my mind since. Now I’m going to let you into a piece of my soul.

I photograph moments. Memories that in years may slip away. I want you to remember the way your toddler smiled, how your husband looked at you on your wedding day, the way your dad’s eyes looked bluer in the sunshine. The things that I myself am afraid that I might lose one day. As many of you know, my Dad passed away in October 2010 tragically and suddenly. Photographs of him fill my walls, are kept safe in my wallet, and flood hard drives. All of them linked to memories of him and the people dearest to me in life.

My Dad is my hero. Him and my mom gave me the greatest childhood. They filled my sister and I’s life with love, friends, the goofiest jokes, camping trips, and memories galore. We are blessed. He loved his girls, all three of us, with all of his being. His jokes are still, and always will be, floating around our group of friends. The stories he told are still repeated, and my children will know them by heart. But more importantly than all of that to me, are the photographs of him. The ones I have backed up, printed, and stored in five locations. They are my dearest possessions, and the link to all of my cherished memories of him and his contagious smile.

All of this thinking made me go through my wedding archives. I wanted to know what I photograph most, and what images I most resonate with. Upon searching through thousands of images and looking through those that I selected especially for my blog, I noticed that I always come back to images of the bride and her father. Always. In nearly every blog post I include father/daughter images. I, too, photograph what I am afraid to lose.

What do you photograph? What takes up space in your iPhone photo folder? Who’s smile lights up your world most? Be thankful for those people and things this Thanksgiving.

Autumn 2013

I’ve been absent here due to huge life changes. I’ve gone through a move, some soul searching, and decision making regarding Kayla Davis Photography. These decisions are going to take me leaps and bounds above what I’ve done before. In the next few months I will be putting into action the things that have been stirring in my heart about KDP and focusing in on the genres of photography that I have fallen in love with. I have had limited internet access for the last several months, and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with everything! I’ve been editing weddings and senior sessions for weeks just waiting to post them for you all to see. I hope you all enjoy the rush of posts that come with this announcement.

As most of you would agree if you’re a Coloradan (or at least one that doesn’t ski, like myself) autumn is the best season around here. October is my favorite month: Beautiful weather, pretty sunrises and sunsets, corn mazes, color everywhere, and pumpkins. Pumpkin flavored anything is my favorite. I indulge in it so much that whenever Thanksgiving comes pumpkin pie doesn’t even sound that appetizing anymore because that’s all I’ve eaten for the past month and a half.  But that’s beside the point. Below are some images in that amazing fall light of me doing some pumpkin picking and corn maze adventuring with my pumpkin, Kevin.

Also, I had the privilege of assisting and second shooting with Samantha Randall Photography this summer. Some of the 2013 weddings that I will be posting are shot alongside her. If you’re looking for a photographer that produces beautiful, bold, colorful, and edgy images, head over to Sam’s website. 

You can see a full category page of the weddings I’ve photographed with her here.